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Welcome Home!


Welcome home to our newest addition: Starbird! After a long wait, we finally have a burro! Check out the 'horses' page to learn more about our newest addition. We're excited to start her training. Stay tuned for updates as we progress through the gentling progress.

Pit 'n' Burro


IdleWild Farm is partnering with Mighty Pit ( to form a new business: Pit 'n' Burro. Together we will be making custom dog collars and horse tack in nylon, leather, fabric, and combinations of the three.

2019 TIP Challenge


Watch as trainers take to the ring with their mustangs and burros to win the blue ribbon after only 100 days of training. Each trainer picked up an untouched, unhandled mustang (or burro) and has only 100 days to train it for a competition. Some horses will be available for adoption. Event takes place at Welcome Home Ranch in Gilbert, Az.

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