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IdleWild offers full care boarding on a limited basis. We can accommodate up to five (5) horses for boarding. We are a small, private farm and strive to offer the best and keep a family feel. Horses are fed Bermuda grass hay twice daily and stalls cleaned every morning and evening. Grains and supplements are fed at no extra charge but must be provided by the owner. Fly masks/blankets are put on/removed at owners requests at no extra charge.

Not Currently Accepting Boarders


We are under construction and constantly improving our facilities. Currently we are working on finishing our hay/tack area then we will be adding more turn out before upgrading stalls 1, 2, and 3.

- Full size arena with roping chute

- 70' round pen

- Two large turn out areas

- Two barn stalls (12'x12')

We have a variety of stall sizes, most are 6' tall. Our smallest stall is 24'x24' while our largest is 20'x40' and connects to a 12'x12' barn stall.


IdleWild offers onsite (board included) training and offsite (we come to your facility). We offer halter starting and carriage driving beginnings. We specialize with mustangs, difficult horses and the non-ridden equine. Onsite training depends upon boarding availability with TIP mustangs having priority. Please contact us for your training needs. Please see our training page for more information.


We offer off site/your location of choosing custom pet portrait photography. Please see out "products" page for more information, including prices, on capturing lifetime memories of your loved pets!

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