TIP Mustangs at IdleWild

The TIP program is currently closed due to COVID19

IdleWild is (pending) partnership with the Mustang Heritage foundation by participating in their TIP mustang program. This gives IdleWild the ability to help adopt out mustangs to those who might not be able to start a wild horse on their own by training the horses to lead, pick up their feet, and load in a trailer before they go home. As an adopter you pay $125 to the BLM (the standard BLM adoption fee). If you would like more training on your horse please contact us as a training fee will then apply.





Horse Name

The following horses are not at IdleWild but other trainers. If they are TIP horses it will be listed, others are up for reassignment (often with an additional trainers fee). Please contact the trainer/owner listed if inquiring about any of the horses below as they have and know the horses. They are simply courtesy listed here.

Other BLM Mustangs for adoption (TIP & non)

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