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The Art of Horsemanship

Whether it's on site or off site we offer the same training approach and services. We will meet with you and your horse/mule/donkey and discuss what your goals are, where your equine is a training wise, and any problems you might be facing. Our goal is to build a partnership between you and your equine.


Our expertise lies with basic commands, ground work, trick training, and beginning driving. We can start the foundations for riding and 'colt starting' on a case by case basis.


Even if your goal is simply to have an equine partner to simply accompany you on walks/hikes or just live in pasture on your property consider basic training with us: let us help you achieve the training necessary for basic health care such as leading, trailer loading, farrier care, dental care, and veterinary work. An untrained equine is at higher risk for worse homes should anything ever happen that forces them to leave your care. Protect their future by investing in us.


No matter what your goals, we're here to help you achieve them.​

Our Philosophy

Here at IdleWild we believe in horse-human communication, recognizing the horse as a highly intelligent partner, and helping the horse reach its full potential while honoring owner/client dreams/wishes. IdleWild specializes in mustangs, minis/ponies, burros and difficult horses with a special emphasis on the non-ridden equine. This does not mean we do not believe in riding, nor does it mean we don't/won't train a horse in riding/for riding.


Simply put, this means here at IdleWild we understand that everyone has different dreams and aspirations for their horses and we welcome all in our training.


The more we train and work with our own horses the more we have discovered there is so much more to the equine world to enjoy than riding. It's the simple bond with our horses that makes our adventures so much fun. Join us in exploring the horse-human connection beyond the saddle!


The Non-Ridden Equine

You might be wondering about the non-ridden equine if you're unfamiliar with it. Afterall, a vast majority of the public believes it is a horse's purpose to be ridden and if not ridden then the horse is going to waste, unhappy, or pointless to own. However, this is simply not true. Many an equine own can attest to the most wonderful part of equine ownership is simply the partnership with your equine and being with them.


"I’ve often said there is nothing better for the inside of the man, than the outside of the horse."

- Ronald Reagan


The horse-human connection is a powerful one. We know this. Research only continues to prove what any equine owner can tell you.


You don't have to ride your horse in order to own a horse or enjoy being with a horse or keep the horse happy. Of course, you can ride your horse if you'd like (we do with some of ours!) and you can ride your horse but still participate in activities that don't involve riding (we do too!). There are many reasons an equine may not be ridden (size of the equine, health of the equine, personal choice by owner, owner disability, etc) and we respect that decision, no matter the reason.


What do you do if you can't ride a horse/mule/donkey?

Everything! The very basics for handling are critical for every equine to know to keep an equine healthy (leading, picking up their feet, trailer loading). Beyond that talking walks with your equine, hiking with them, going to the lake and swimming, in-hand trail, in-hand jumping, in-hand obstacles, costume contests, tricks, carriage driving, and more! From miniature size to the tallest drafts/mammoths, every equine can benefit from the bond developed from work in hand.​​​​​